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    About Minpn

    WELCOME TO Minpn

    Quanzhou Minpn Electronic Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, specializes in design, development, manufacture and sale of automotive electronics,including parking sensor system, car alarm system, car tire pressure monitoring system, car blind spot detection system, car head up display system etc. The company covers an area of 6666 m2, with a plant area of 3600 m2; there are more than 110 employees and more than 20 professional R&D people, with a designed annual production capacity of 600, 000 sets of radar systems and 300, 000 sets of TPMS.

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    Quanzhou Minpn Electronic Co., ltd was founded in November 2004 Warmly celebrate the successful listing of Minpin Electronics on the “New Third Board” Front Parking Sensor

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