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    OEM Customized China Rear Bumper Back Park Car Reversing Ultrasonic Parking Sensor with 4 Sensors and Customization

    Short Description:

    Parking sensor system is supplementary safety equipment that is specially designed for car reversing.

    Product Detail

    Safety Just For You

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    In the past few years, our organization absorbed and digested state-of-the-art technologies equally at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our enterprise staffs a team of experts devoted towards the growth of OEM Customized China Rear Bumper Back Park Car Reversing Ultrasonic Parking Sensor with 4 Sensors and Customization, Since the factory founded, we have committed to the development of new products. With the social and economic pace, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of “high quality, efficiency, innovation, integrity”, and stick to the operating principle of “credit first, customer first, quality excellent”. We will create a brilliant future in hair production with our partners.
    In the past few years, our organization absorbed and digested state-of-the-art technologies equally at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our enterprise staffs a team of experts devoted towards the growth of China Parking Sensor, Reversing System, With high quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and customized & customized services to help customers achieve their goals successfully, our company has got praise in both domestic and foreign markets. Buyers are welcome to contact us.

    1. Rate Voltage: 12V
    2. Operating Voltage Range: 9~16V
    3. Rate Current:?≤110mA
    4. Detecting distance: 0.3 – 2m
    5. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
    6. Working Temperature: -30~70°C
    7. Display Working Temperature: -20~70°C



    6 sensor system, double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection (0.3-2m).


    With digital colored LED display (number & light).


    Help to prevent dangerous and costly collisions.


    Help to provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle.


    Detect small children and low walls as well.


    Anti-freeze and rain proof.


    Easy to install.


    A saw drill head included.


    Way of working:


    1.? When the vehicle is reversing, the rear radar automatically starts to work.
    2.? the end of the reversing, the radar in front of the car automatically opens, to detect, to prevent scratching, especially in?the right front corner of the vehicle,
    3.? When the vehicle is not reversing, the brake is pressed, the front radar is turned on, and the work is stopped for about?10 seconds.


    1 x Main Control Box
    1 x LED Display
    6 x Parking Sensors
    1 x Power Cable
    1 x Hole Saw
    2 x Double Sided Adhesive Pad
    1 x User manual
    alarm sound
    270-11 270-12
    270-11alarm sound

    In the past few years, our organization absorbed and digested state-of-the-art technologies equally at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our enterprise staffs a team of experts devoted towards the growth of OEM Customized China Rear Bumper Back Park Car Reversing Ultrasonic Parking Sensor with 4 Sensors and Customization, Since the factory founded, we have committed to the development of new products. With the social and economic pace, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of “high quality, efficiency, innovation, integrity”, and stick to the operating principle of “credit first, customer first, quality excellent”. We will create a brilliant future in hair production with our partners.
    OEM Customized China Parking Sensor, Reversing System, With high quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and customized & customized services to help customers achieve their goals successfully, our company has got praise in both domestic and foreign markets. Buyers are welcome to contact us.

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